Nicholas Brandt-Sorenson, a professional cyclist who was suspended from racing for 2 years after testing positive for banned substances, has now pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges he illegally imported Chinese-made drugs for resale through his website.

The Los Angeles Times reports that disgraced professional cyclist Nicholas Brandt-Sorenson, has admitted that he purchased foreign-produced performance-enhancing drugs, which he then sold to online customers. According to the Los Angeles Time, Brandt-Sorenson used a website he created called Anemia Patient Group to advertise for sale drugs such as Actovegin, a non-FDA approved treatment used to encourage the oxygenation of blood, and two drugs banned from use by the World Anti-Doping Agency: EPO, a synthetic hormone used to increase red blood cell production, and chorionic gonadotropin, a synthetic hormone that increases testosterone production.

The Los Angeles Times also reports that to hide his identity, Brandt-Sorenson used the pseudonym Eric Horowitz to conduct his online drug sales.

According to CBSLA, prosecutors maintain the drugs Brandt-Sorenson sold through the Anemia Patient Group were purchased from online pharmacies based in China and Europe. CBSLA also notes that Brandt-Sorenson set up the Anemia Patients Group blog website as a cover for the sale of the illegal and banned drugs he had on offer.

Due to be sentenced on July 20th, Brandt-Sorenson could face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.
By S. Imber