Policy Resolution, January 8, 2020

The following policy resolution was passed unanimously at the Jan. 8, 2020 board meeting in Washington DC.

The governing board of the Partnership for Safe Medicines votes today to reiterate that the Partnership is organized to focus entirely of the safety of medicine as it travels through the supply chain, as we have since our founding sixteen years ago.

To that end we are proponents of strong investigation and prosecution of counterfeit drug crime. These crimes include smuggling and theft, illegal manufacturing, illegal diversion and sale.

The Partnership educates the public and policymakers about these dangers and informs policy debates that have a potential to affect the safety of the American drug supply.

The Partnership does not endorse specific technologies attempting to gain marketshare unless already being implemented by governmental entities.

The Partnership does not venture into issues of intellectual property, pricing, or insurance coverage except as it affects the presence of counterfeits in the American drug supply.

The Board reiterates its existing policy of not accepting membership or funding from for-profit entities.