Pennsylvania Is the 16th State with a Confirmed Death from a Pill Sold on Snapchat

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According to Penn Live, a man in Pennsylvania received a four-year prison sentence for selling Lauretana Lubrano the counterfeit Percocet pills that poisoned and killed her in the early hours of January 1, 2021. That man and Lubrano arranged the deal on Snapchat before she met him to get the pills earlier on New Year’s Eve. A chemical analysis of two additional pills found at Lubrano’s home showed that they contained fentanyl.

This news makes Pennsylvania the 16th state in which PSM has found a confirmed death from a fake pill made with fentanyl that was sold by a drug dealer on Snapchat. There are an additional seven states and the District of Columbia that have issued warnings about fake fentanyl pills being sold on Snapchat. 

With the potentially fatal level of fentanyl in over 40 percent of counterfeit pills tested by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in 2021, it is essential to sit down and have that conversation with the people that you love. Fake pills with fentanyl exist and it can just take one to kill you.