March 9, 2022 Video: Narcotics for Sale

We must take down online pharmacies with Narcotics for Sale.

The DRUGS Act targets online sales of controlled substances and counterfeit drugs. Passage of the bill will make it possible for law enforcement to immediately lock domains accused of malicious drug sales.

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Transcript for "Narcotics for Sale"

What’s more shocking than a fake online pharmacy selling fake blood thinners to desperate patients?
A fake online pharmacy that also brazenly sells illicit substances like fentanyl. Plain as day for anyone to see. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy recently looked at just a small handful of online pharmacies and shared the data with PSM.

And what they found was appalling.

NABP found 100 websites wildly violating the law. Every single one illegally sold prescription opioid pills and other controlled substances like Xanax and Adderall.

51 of the websites offered fentanyl products such as patches and raw fentanyl powder.
Others had listings for black tar heroin, crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, carfentanil, and other illicit substances.

Sometimes, the illicit drugs were on their own pages, but sometimes they were listed right next to images of what appeared to be legitimate prescription drugs.

Some of these websites claimed to be selling FDA-approved medicines. Others bragged about their success rates at delivering pills into different countries.

One of the things law enforcement needs is the ability to quickly take these sites’ domain names offline if they’re clearly offering to sell illegal drugs. If you’re openly and illegally offering to sell fentanyl at “”

Law enforcement should be able to lock your domain name so you can’t keep doing that.

Fighting the opioid crisis in the 21st century is going to require us to arm law enforcement with 21st century tools like this.

Go to this webpage and you can quickly send a letter to your elected officials urging them to support the legislation that would do this called the DRUGS Act. They need to hear from you.


Images from websites selling drugs illegally