How the Partnership for Safe Medicines supports pharmacy associations

PSM is highly focused on the needs of pharmacists and their role in the secure supply chain. We support state pharmacy associations by providing them resources, educational materials, free CE speakers, articles, and other tools to help educate their community.

We approach pharmacist education with a "true crime" angle. PSM staff document counterfeit incidents by studying court transcripts, monitoring news coverage, and interviewing victims and pharmacists. We then explain to pharmacists how the criminals pulled off the supply chain break and how they can prevent it and protect their patients.

Below are some of the ways PSM has partnered with state pharmacy associations:

  • Provide free advertising creative and social media content that associations can put in their email newsletters and social media channels to raise awareness of counterfeit medicines and how to spot them.
  • Provide continuing education speakers over zoom or at live conferences to teach pharmacists and techs about previous counterfeits found in the U.S. drug supply chain, how the criminals got them there, and how pharmacists responded.
  • Provide alerts when new counterfeit products are discovered by the FDA.
  • Provide handouts for patients that explain the dangers of using unlicensed pharmacies and ways to save money safely using patient assistance programs and discount cards. We provide these in both electronic and printed form.

We also provide targeted grants to help pharmacy associations raise awareness about counterfeits.

PSM is a 501c6 nonprofit coalition made up of dues-paying members in the pharmaceutical supply chain. We only accept nonprofit members and donations. We do not accept funds from for profit organizations. Our membership includes wholesalers, manufacturers, dispensers, and patient advocates. We do not have either health insurance companies or PBM’s in our membership.

For more information, contact PSM Executive Director Shabbir Imber Safdar at