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Senator McSally Meets with Experts on the Counterfeit Drug Trade

The Arizona Republic has reported that Executive Director Shabbir Safdar, along with Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration special agent in charge Doug Coleman, and Phoenix-area pharmacist Randle House and met with U.S. Senator Martha McSally in Arizona on August 8th to seek her assistance and support for efforts to protect the U.S. prescription drug supply from counterfeit medication


KANSAS: Pills Seized in October 2018 Were Counterfeits Testing Shows

Thirty-one light blue pills seized in a drug investigation were identified by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation as counterfeits made with fentanyl in the first week of June, 2019. The pills were marked with the markings of legitimate oxycodone. The Parson Sun reports that the pills were discovered in a Parsons, KS, motel room on…


Counterfeit Fentanyl Pills Continue To Claim Lives In Arizona

Law enforcement and medical professionals continue to warn the residents of Arizona that any pill purchased on the street most likely contains fentanyl and could kill them. From San Luis to Scottsdale to Buckeye, teenagers across the state are taking these fake pills, sometimes with tragic results…


Four Counterfeit Drug Incidents in Arizona Highlight Risks of Fake Pills

2019 has already been a busy year for fentanyl cases in Arizona. Thousands of counterfeit fentanyl pills have been seized, a woman selling pills out of a convenience store has been charged, a 15-year-old suffered a non-fatal overdose at school from what is thought to have been a counterfeit pill, and Customs and Border Protection seized 254 founds of fentanyl hidden in a shipment of cucumbers at the port of entry at Nogales…


Arizona Continues Battling Deadly Counterfeit Fentanyl Pills Smuggled By Drug Cartels

Arizona continues to battle against counterfeit pills made with fentanyl being smuggled across the border by Mexican drug cartels, and victims continue to stack up. One doctor warns about seeing teenagers being taken to the ER after ingesting these pills, and two families hope that by letting people know they lost loved ones to fake fentanyl pills, it might prevent someone else from making the same mistake…

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