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Oncologist Who Bought Cancer Drugs from Fake Drug Sellers Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

Dr. Diana Anda Norbergs, a Florida oncologist convicted in November 2016 of importing misbranded, non-FDA approved cancer drugs from unlicensed suppliers, has been sentenced to almost six years in federal prison, according to a report in the Tampa Bay Times. The Department of Justice (DOJ) indictment alleged that Norbergs purchased prescription cancer treatments from unlicensed foreign…


Canadian Online Pharmacy Retains Canadian License Despite U.S. Allegations of Selling $78 Million in Fake Drugs to Americans

Online pharmacy Canada Drugs, under indictment for selling millions of dollars worth of fake and misbranded cancer medications to U.S. medical offices, still retains its license to operate from the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, according to CBC’s Karen Pauls. Despite accusations from U.S. federal prosecutors for allegedly selling $78 million of unapproved, misbranded and…


Canada Drugs Indictment: Six Canadians Arrested & Facing Extradition

Almost three years after the original grand jury indictment in November 2014, the owner of Canada Drugs and five of his co-conspirators were arrested on June 14 and 15 in Canada under the Extradition Act, reports CBC News. Kristjan Thorkelson, Thomas Haughton, Ronald Sigurdson, Darren Chalus, Troy Nakamura, and James Trueman have been arrested in…


Online Pharmacy Executive Fights Extradition on Fake Cancer Drug Charges

Narinder Kaulder, head of Operations for River East, a company named in the Canada Drugs indictment, is currently fighting extradition from England on charges he was part of the conspiracy that sold counterfeit cancer medication to U.S. oncology clinics in 2012, the Daily Mail reports. According to the CanadaDrugs Indictment, lot number B6011 of Avastin that…


Bipartisan Safety Issues: How Many Different Kinds of Black Market Medicines have been Sold in Your State?

Since 2012, the FDA has issued warnings to more than 3,000 doctors, clinics and hospitals about eight different breaches in the U.S. drug supply chain by rogue distributors such as Richards Pharma, Canada Drugs, Medical Device King, Gallant Pharmaceuticals, and TC Medical. These rogue distributors offered 63 different non-FDA approved medicines. Have you or has someone you know taken medicine that these smugglers have sold?


Tennessee Medical Office Manager Pleads Guilty to Importing non-FDA Approved Cancer Medication from Canada Drugs Subsidiary

Karen Chamberlain faces up to a year in prison on charges she purchased cancer drugs from clandestine medical importer, Quality Specialty Products (QSP). A 62-year old medical office manager in Tennessee is facing up to a year in prison after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges that she imported non-FDA approved cancer medications for the clinic…

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