Online Pharmacy Executive Fights Extradition on Fake Cancer Drug Charges

Narinder Kaulder, head of Operations for River East, a company named in the Canada Drugs indictment, is currently fighting extradition from England on charges he was part of the conspiracy that sold counterfeit cancer medication to U.S. oncology clinics in 2012, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the CanadaDrugs Indictment, lot number B6011 of Avastin that was shipped by River East in October and November 2011 was the same lot number of Avastin identified in the FDA’s February 14, 2012 announcement that counterfeit Avastin had been found in the United States.

In addition to the counterfeit Avastin, CanadaDrugs, according to the indictment, allegedly sold a variety of oncology medications (Aloxi, Avastin, Altuzan, Botox, Mabthera, Herceptin, Neupogen, Eprex, Erbitux, Neulastim, Zometa, Gemzar, Venofer, Aclasta, Taxotere and Valcade) most of which require special temperature and handling, and are described as “cold-chain.”

CanadaDrugs allegedly ran its clinical sales through several subsidiaries, including River East, according to the indictment.  The indictment also alleges that CanadaDrugs and their subsidiaries made efforts to appear they were storing cold-chain drugs at appropriate temperatures however, their cold-chain products were frequently shipped to customers warm.

The indictment alleges that River East and Narinder Kaulder were responsible for two different FDA warnings of counterfeit Avastin shipped to U.S. doctors.

According to the Derby Telegraph, Kaulder will face a ruling on his extradition case on May 31.