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CanadaDrugs Indictment: Narinder Kaulder and the Path Taken By Fake Avastin

The CanadaDrugs indictment lists Narinder Kaulder as the head of operations for a U.K. drug wholesaler called River East Supplies, LTD. River East was a subsidiary through which CanadaDrugs conducted its sales. The indictment alleges that “in order to ensure that the illegal shipments of clinical drugs were allowed into the United States without increased scrutiny from the FDA and United States Customs, River East systematically falsified customs declarations that accompanied illegal drug shipments.”


PharmacyChecker Executive Indicted in CanadaDrugs Fake Cancer Drug Scam

Ram Kamath, who was listed as’s Director of Pharmacy Policy and International Verifications as of March 16, 2015, is one of eight people indicted by the US Justice Department for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to distribute $78 million worth of non FDA approved and counterfeit cancer medications into U.S. doctors’ offices.


US Attorney Unseals Indictment in “USA v. Ltd. Partnership” Case

NBC news show examines the clandestine business of administering non-FDA approved beauty treatments. The new episode of American Greed, titled “Vanity and Greed: Deadly Beauty”, the NBC show looks at the story of two convicted practitioners of counterfeit beauty treatments. Mississippi resident Tracey Lynn Garner was found guilty of murder in the death of Karima…


Internet Pharmacy Giant Canada Drugs Indicted on Counterfeit Drug Importation Charges

On August 7, 2015, the indictment in the case “USA v. Ltd. Partnership” was unsealed. The indictment was originally returned by the grand jury in November 2014. It lists 14 defendants including: Canada Drugs. Com Ltd., Partnership, Thorkelson Consulting, Ltd., 4208081 Canada, Ltd., Rockley Ventures, Ltd., Global Drug Supply, Ltd., River East Supplies, Ltd.,…


Missouri Oncologist Sentenced For Buying Cancer Medication from Supplier of Fake Avastin

On July 15, 2015, Doctor Robert L. Carter of Joplin, Missouri was sentenced to 5 years probation and required to pay more than a million dollars in restitution and fines for purchasing non-FDA approved medications from CanadaDrugs subsidiary Quality Specialty Products (QSP). QSP shipped misbranded and FDA-unapproved drugs to Carter at his practice in Joplin.…


Florida Oncologist Charged With Medicare Fraud and Buying Cancer Medication from Known Counterfeit Drug Seller

Dr. Anda Norbergs was the head doctor, owner, and operator of East Lake Oncology (ELO), a cancer treatment clinic located in Palm Harbor. Beginning at around June 2009, it is alleged that she began ordering drugs from foreign distributors, including CanadaDrugs subsidiary Quality Specialty Products (QSP). The drugs she purchased included drugs from foreign businesses…


Texas Physician Pleads Guilty to Importing Cancer Medication from Supplier of Fake Avastin

On April 23, 2015, Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ghraowi pleaded guilty to charges that he and his South Texas Comprehensive Cancer Centers PLLC caused the introduction into interstate commerce of misbranded prescription cancer drugs worth more than $900,000, from CanadaDrugs subsidiary Montana Healthcare Solutions. His indictment noted that he purchased misbranded cancer drugs from Montana Healthcare…


Canadian Department of Justice Takes Part in Canada Drugs Raid

The Canadian Department of Justice, along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have raided Kris Thorkleson’s Canada headquarters in Manitoba, the CBC reports. Speaking with the National Post, PSM Board member Jim Dahl expressed the opinion that the raids are a direct result of the ongoing investigation of counterfeit Avastin making it’s way…


Medical Practices in 2 States Snared in Canada Drugs/Quality Specialty Products Black Market Cancer Drug Scam

A doctor in Texas sentenced to probation, and an oncology practice office manager in Kentucky has pleaded guilty to charges that they imported non-FDA approved cancer medication. Quality Specialty Products, the Canada Drugs-owned pharmaceutical wholesaler responsible for the importation of counterfeit Avastin, was implicated in both cases. In Laredo, Texas Dr. Eduardo Miranda was sentenced…

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