Medical Practices in 2 States Snared in Canada Drugs/Quality Specialty Products Black Market Cancer Drug Scam

A doctor in Texas sentenced to probation, and an oncology practice office manager in Kentucky has pleaded guilty to charges that they imported non-FDA approved cancer medication. Quality Specialty Products, the Canada Drugs-owned pharmaceutical wholesaler responsible for the importation of counterfeit Avastin, was implicated in both cases.

In Laredo, Texas Dr. Eduardo Miranda was sentenced to 5 years probation and a $1 million fine for his role in purchasing and prescribing black market cancer medication, reports KGNS. In December 2013, the Department of Justice reported that Dr. Miranda pleaded guilty to one count of introducing misbranded drugs into the country. The DOJ reports that he had purchased cancer medication from Quality Specialty Products, the Canada Drugs subsidiary the FDA has warned sold counterfeit Avastin in the United States.

In Somerset, Kentucky the FDA reports that Hematology and Oncology Center (HOC) has pleaded guilty to charges that it purchased and prescribed black market cancer medication to patients. Office manager Natarajan Murugesan also pleaded guilty to assisting in the purchase and distribution of illegally imported cancer medication. The FDA also reports that the firm faced a separate civil action.

The FDA states, “The criminal charges relate to a civil settlement agreed to in January 2014 by HOC, Murugesan, and N Mullai, M.D. Dr. Mullai was not charged criminally. Under the earlier civil settlement, HOC, Murugesan, and Mullai agreed to pay $2,000,000, plus interest, to resolve charges that they violated the False Claims Act. These charges included submitting false claims to the Medicare program for misbranded, unapproved chemotherapy drugs administered through HOC’s Somerset, Kentucky, clinic.”

According to the FDA, HOC purchased large quantities of cancer drugs from Quality Specialty Products, the same Canada Drugs subsidiary that supplied the office of Dr. Eduardo Miranda.

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To date, the FDA has sent more than 1000 warning letters to medical professionals who may have bought illegally imported medications from black market suppliers like Quality Specialty Products and Medical Device King.

By S. Imber