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Between 2007 and 2018 Foreign Wholesalers Sold American Doctors Unreliable Black Market Cancer Drugs

From 2007 to 2018 American physicians and clinics demonstrated that drug importation is not safe and is extremely difficult to make safe. Doctors thought they were saving money. Instead they purchased illegally imported, expired, damaged and outright counterfeit medications—including cancer treatments—from black market wholesalers posing as licensed distributors in Canada and other countries.


Florida Woman Injected Clients With Counterfeit Botox At Illegal Med Spa

After receiving a tip in November 2017, police search the home that Diane D’Anca was operating an illegal med spa out of. Inside, police found a “large amount” of medical supplies and records for 100 clients. In a refrigerator in the garage, they found several vials of Botox she injected into clients that turned out to be counterfeit…


Washington Naturopath Sentenced To Jail In Misbranded Drug Case

Washington state naturopathy Rick Marschall was convicted in 2011 for illegally prescribing misbranded drugs to his patients. Sentenced to probation, he kept prescribing causing the state to suspend his license in 2013. He continued to practice medicine without a license and just received a jail sentence for prescribing the same misbranded drugs to his patients…

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