Florida Woman Injected Clients With Counterfeit Botox At Illegal Med Spa

Source: The Counterfeit Report

As reported by the Bradenton Herald, police arrested a woman for performing medical and cosmetic procedures, including injecting patients with what turned out to be counterfeit Botox. Diane D’Anca, 61, operated a clinic out of her home with a back bedroom converted to look like a medical office. She worked under the license held by a “Dr. Tom,” even though none of her patients ever had a consultation with the doctor and the home clinic was illegal.

Police received a tip in November and investigators executed a search warrant at the home on December 19th, finding a “large amount” of medical supplies and medications plus records for about 100 patients in the process. In a refrigerator in the garage, investigators discovered several vials labeled as Botox that subsequent testing determined to be counterfeit. D’Anca was charged with practicing medicine without a license, practicing cosmetology without a license, and possession of a controlled substance. The Bradenton Herald also reported she received a cease and desist order and citation from the Florida Department of Health.

D’Anca admitted she is not licensed, but “operated under the permission of ‘Dr. Tom’” and had been ordering her Botox from Canada for about two years. Police have been unable to confirm Dr. Tom’s identity. Bradenton Police Spokesman Lt. Brian Thiers said that “Throughout the course of the interviews with her, she was very confident that she had done nothing wrong. Thiers said that police are still going through the evidence collected at D’Anca’s home and are unsure how many victims are out there, but he did urge them to come forward. “You are a victim. I can’t stress that enough, you were misled you were led to believe this woman had the ability and the training to do this and she did not, “ Thiers said.

Anyone who received treatment from D’Anca or knows someone who did should call the Florida Department of Health at (727) 552-1145.