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Interchange 2013

Interchange 2013 Highlights: US Attorney Samuel Louis Describes How a Desire For Diamonds Brought a Master Counterfeiter to Justice

U.S.Attorney Samuel Louis speaking at Interchange 2013 We were fortunate enough to have US Attorney Samuel Louis share details from the counterfeit medication cases he has prosecuted at the Interchange 2013. During the course of his presentation, he described how master drug counterfeiter Kevin Xu was finally brought to justice. Kevin Xu was a businessman…


Interchange 2013 Highlights: Dr. Patrick Lukulay of USP

USP has launched the Center for Pharmaceutical Advancement and Training in Accra, Ghana.Learn more about USP’s efforts to improve the quality of medicines globally at We were most fortunate to have Patrick Lukulay, PhD, Vice President of Global Health Impact Operations for the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) as a panelist at this year’s Interchange.…


Will the PSM 2013 Interchange Still Happen During the Government Shutdown?

You can count on it. The criminals who counterfeit drugs and endanger American patients haven’t stopped making and selling fake drugs during the shutdown. There is more need for a counterfeit drug conference now than ever. The 2013 Interchange will include: Patient advocates who represent patients whose lives depend on getting genuine medication Journalists who…

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