You can count on it. The criminals who counterfeit drugs and endanger American patients haven’t stopped making and selling fake drugs during the shutdown. There is more need for a counterfeit drug conference now than ever.

The 2013 Interchange will include:

Patient advocates who represent patients whose lives depend on getting genuine medication

Journalists who chase down counterfeit drug supply chains around the globe

Agents and prosecutors whose pursuit of counterfeit criminals takes years, and goes beyond US borders, as they observe and wait for the opportunity to bring them to justice

Researchers who study how fake drug criminals market to consumers individually, as well as infiltrate the legitimate wholesale supply chain

Experts who understand the fake online pharmacy business and will explain the current tactics being used by these exploitative websites to victimize patients

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Ilisa Bernstein, Deputy Director of the Office of Compliance in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA).

To see the full agenda and register to join us at the Interchange 2013, please click here.

By S. Imber