Fake Drugs Have Real Consequences for Patients

Black market medicine is terrible for patients all over the world, including Americans. At best, counterfeit and substandard medicine may not adequately treat a patient's illness. At worst, counterfeit medicines may cause poisoning or death.

Each of the following stories mentions people who have been sickened or died after being treated with fake medicine. Every day, American patients are harmed when they break the closed U.S. drug supply.

4 Deaths Tied to Counterfeit Drugs Dispensed at Ontario, Canada Pharmacy

September 9, 2005

View larger map King West Pharmacy in Hamilton, Ontario came under scrutiny and the pharmacist of record there was arrested after 11 people died after being prescribed what turned out to be counterfeit versions of Norvasc, a Pfizer heart medication. The pills were actually made of talcum powder. Who: Ontario Regional Coroner’s Office, Royal Canadian…