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Should unlicensed pharmacies or unlicensed pharmacy staff be allowed to dispense in your state?

Sen. Bernie Sanders and several other Senators are pushing legislation to allow unlicensed foreign fake pharmacies to dispense in America. (S469) These foreign pharmacies aren't required to have U.S. pharmacy licenses or U.S. licensed pharmacists or pharmacy techs.  Furthermore if they sell counterfeit medication to America, it is impossible to discipline them because their staff and assets are all beyond U.S. borders.

This isn't safe for patients! Your Senators need to hear from licensed

Pharmacies and pharmacy staff are regulated and licensed to protect patient safety.  This proposal is really dangerous to patients.  Please tell your Senators this is a terrible idea.

Step 1: Enter your information for signing your letter. (We'll look up your Senators)
Step 2: Review your letter, confirm and send!

Why does it require things like Prefix (Mr, Ms, etc) and my phone number and email address? Are you going to call me, or sell that information? Because of so much spam, Senate offices require that we collect and deliver to them information for people submitting letters such as Prefix, Phone, and Email address. We will not call you based upon the information you submit here. If you check the box to stay informed we will add you to our own in-house email list, but not sell, rent, loan, give or share it with anyone else.

Have Americans been hurt by unlicensed pharmacies dispensing to Americans?

You could ask the family of Betty Hunter, who received a counterfeit cancer drug and succumbed to her cancer, if they are concerned.  Or the American patients at hundreds of oncology clinics who did business with the same fake drug smugglers.

Or the family of Marcia Bergeron who took a counterfeit laced with heavy metals and died of toxic metals poisoning.

Pharmacies and pharmacy staff are licensed to protect patient safety. When our pharmacy system relies purely on honesty, patients get hurt.

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