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Robbie Took Just One Counterfeit Xanax With Tragic Consequences

The evening of November 29, 2016, Atlanta-area realtor Jennifer Bryant Hodge came home to find her 23-year-old son Robbie collapsed in the bathroom. EMTs rushed Robbie to the hospital, where he was declared brain dead. Hodge would learn that her son had taken a counterfeit Xanax that contained a fatal dose of benzodiazepines.


Georgian Mother Warns About The Threat Of Fentanyl-Laced Counterfeits

In this editorial, which appeared in the Austin American-Statesman on April 27, 2018, Georgia resident Lisa Hicks warns readers about the counterfeit prescription pills that killed her son in 2015:

“One needn’t be an addict to die from an overdose..Joe had a solid job and was studying for a degree in exercise science…One day, he pulled a muscle at the gym. He was in serious pain, so he bought what he thought were prescription painkillers from a friend. Those pills turned out to be counterfeit. And they contained a deadly amount of fentanyl. The next day, my son was gone.”


GBI Warns Metro Atlanta has Most Counterfeit Pills Made with Fentanyl in State

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation issued a public safety alert on February 11, 2018 about the high volume of counterfeit pills made with fentanyl and other illicit opioids that have been found in Metro Atlanta. Since January 2015, there have been 450 reports of counterfeit pills. The most commonly counterfeited pills were Xanax and oxycodone that contained substances such as fentanyl, furanyl fentanyl, and U-47700.


Tramadol: An Illicit Opioid That Funds Terrorism

Tramadol is given as a pain medication in India, but it has a high potential for abuse, and in some countries, tramadol deaths outnumber deaths from heroin. It is also completely unregulated in India, and is not on the World Health Organization (WHO) list of scheduled drugs or controlled substance list, which would force countries to regulate it.