Suspected Fentanyl Pill Bunker Discovered in Georgia along with Weapons

WSB-TV Atlanta shared a story about Federal agents in Roswell conducting an investigation into the distribution of fentanyl pills disguised as prescription medication. During their warranted search of a property in North Hall County, investigators discovered a cache of guns, a large amount of counterfeit “Xanax” pills, and raw materials for pill making more.

Agent Chad Cook of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) said, “We were conducting a long-term investigation into fentanyl being pressed into pills and sold on the streets presented as tablets of Xanax or other prescription drugs,” reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

He told WSBTV, “This is a polydrug organization, which means they deal in multiple kinds of drugs, multi-state, throughout the United States, so a well-organized organization distributing fentanyl, which is responsible for many deaths.”

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, agents searched a 42-acre property near the city of Gainesville, and found the guns and counterfeit pills hidden in an underground bunker on the property.

The investigation is ongoing. Fox 5 reports that as yet, no arrests have been made.