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PSM’s Executive Director Speaks on Morning Wakeup with Dave Akerly to Warn Michigan Residents about the Dangers of Drug Importation

PSM’s Executive Director Shabbir Safdar spoke with Dave Akerly on WILS in Lansing, Michigan about the importation proposal currently being debated in the Michigan House of Representatives. Safdar was enroute to the Michigan State House to participate in hearings on drug importation being held there. Here why our Executive Director has travelled to Michigan to testify at their drug importation hearing.



Our 2018 information sheet summarizes recent counterfeit drug incidents in Michigan.


Counterfeit fentanyl pills in Michigan

Counterfeit fentanyl pills in Michigan Click here to read PSM’s Fentanyl 101. Since 2012, drug traffickers have been selling North Americans counterfeit medications made from fentanyl, a dangerous painkiller 25-40 times stronger than heroin, and even stronger synthetic opioids like carfentanil. The problem has spread to at least 49 states, and many Americans have suffered…


Kentwood Pharmacy: Drugs Fished Out of Garbage and Resold to Patients

At the 2013 Interchange, PSM Board Member Dr. Marvin Shepherdoffered an explanation of how drug diversionsubverts the securesupply chain and endangers patient health. Three pharmacists from the now shuttered Kentwood Pharmacy have been sentenced in Federal court, and stripped of their right to practice as a result of their guilty pleas on charges of reselling…

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