PSM’s Executive Director Speaks on Morning Wakeup with Dave Akerly to Warn Michigan Residents about the Dangers of Drug Importation

Source: Akerly image from Twitter.

PSM’s Executive Director Shabbir Safdar called in to WILS in Lansing, Michigan to talk to Dave Akerly about the importation proposal being debated in the Michigan House of Representatives.  Safdar was enroute to the Michigan State House to participate in hearings on drug importation being held there.

Safdar warned that medicine bulk-imported from Canada for U.S. residents will not actually come from Canada because the Canadian supply has its own shortages. Any medication bought in bulk from Canada would necessarily come from somewhere else. 

When Akerly expressed concern about the safety of drugs imports, Safdar shared the story of Canada Drugs. That Canadian wholesaler was closed down after it sold illegally imported and counterfeit cancer medication to U.S. doctors, but no one served any time in prison for that crime, and even now the company’s CEO retains his pharmacy license. As Safdar pointed out, the hands of U.S. prosecutors were tied, and prosecuting people in other countries for selling counterfeit medication is virtually impossible.

Listen to the entire interview here: