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Counterfeit Medicines Are a Problem in the European Union—A Problem that is Continuing to Grow

According to a report from Europol’s Intellectual Property Crime Threat Assessment 2019, “Counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose a growing threat to the EU, affecting a large number of Member States. A wide and increasingly diverse range of medicines is targeted by counterfeiters.”
The Europol ICP Threat Assessment reports that there has been an increase in seizures of counterfeit drugs used in the treatment of serious illnesses, as well as a growing number of counterfeit drug incidents affecting the legal drug supply chain. 


Mayor Up for Re-Election in Tennessee Arrested with Fake Pills and the Pill Press that Made Them

Red Boiling Springs mayor Joel Rae Coe has been arrested on drug trafficking charges after a year-long joint investigation between the Macon County Sheriff’s Department the Red Boiling Springs Police Department, the Lafayette Police Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Authorities found 3 bags of 10 milligram hydrocodone pills, one page of 7.5 milligram hydrocodone pills, two bags of 10 milligram oxycodone pills, 154 morphine pills, 48 unidentifiable white pills, a pharmaceutical pill press and four pounds of a white powder that authorities believe is a fentanyl compound.


Large-Scale Counterfeit Fentanyl Pill Press Operation Found In Akron, Ohio Home

The U.S. Department of Justice announced charges against an Akron, Ohio resident after a search of his home turned up items “consistent with a large-scale pill press operation.” Donyea Nelson received a nine-count indictment in federal court, which included charges for possession of fentanyl, possession of a pill press, and possession of die molds…


Seattle Area Drug Trafficker Allegedly Used Pill Press to Make Counterfeit Xanax

Federal drug trafficking charges have been filed against Gizachew Wondie, a resident of the Capitol Hill section of Seattle, on charges that he was manufacturing and selling counterfeit Xanax pills and other drugs. In addition to the discovery of a handgun, investigators found approximately 11,000 ‘Xanax’ pills stored in large plastic bags, and a large pill press.


Man Pleads Guilty In Arkansas After Making Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills At His Home

Lewis Chafin of Fayetteville, Arkansas pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of possession of a tableting or encapsulating machine with the intent to manufacture fentanyl. After receiving a tip, a search of Chafin’s home by law enforcement turned up 43 counterfeit oxycodone pills, various pharmaceutical powders – including fentanyl, oxycodone, morphine, zolpidem, and alprazolam – and a pill press…

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