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Four Men Arrested In Georgia While Attempting To Move Counterfeit Pill Operation

Deputies from the Walton County Georgia Sheriff’s Office disrupted four men attempting to move their counterfeit pill operation into their county. Austin Marshall, Jakob Sullins, Nicholas Felker, and Timothy Ballard were arrested before they even had the chance to unload their pill press that was capable of making 16,000 pills in one hour…


South Carolina Man Produced Counterfeit Prescription Pills with Pill Presses and Imported Fentanyl

A pretrial bail hearing gave the world some insights into a case out of South Carolina that is still sealed. Agents with a DEA-lead task force arrested Eric Hughes in August of 2017 after a car accident caused thousands of plls to spill out of his vehicle and onto the roadway. Hughes is allegedly the leader of a counterfeit pill drug ring that used rental properties to manufacture millions of counterfeit Xanax and oxycodone pills which were sold online…

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