Partnership for Safe Medicines: International Work

As the Obama administration recently cited in its Intellectual Property Enforcement Strategy, approximately 8 percent of the bulk medicines imported into the United States are counterfeit, unapproved, or substandard, and 10 percent of global pharmaceutical commerce, or $21 billion, involves counterfeit drugs.

The Partnership for Safe Medicines works internationally with consumer advocates, industry leaders and government officials to identify and implement meaningful solutions that address the worldwide counterfeit drug crisis.

If you'd like to start an effort in your country to combat counterfeit drugs, please reach us using the contact form. Current PSM International Partners are listed below.

Psmindia-screenshot Partnership for Safe Medicines India ( PSM India was established to assist in the advancement of efforts to:

  • Raise public awareness on the problem of spurious drugs and their importance to patient safety.
  • Educate consumers on early identification of possible spurious and actions to take. and lastly,
  • Educate healthcare professionals in on the significance of the problem and their roles in this fight.

You can find more information for Indian consumers, patients, industry executives, doctors, government officials, pharmacists and other healthcare providers at their website.  We also have a brief overview of PSM India on our own website.