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How can I help?

  • Send a letter to your elected officials about the dangers of drug importation.
  • Become a member of The Partnership for Safe Medicines (email us at
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter, to keep up to date on counterfeit drug news and share our stories with your members or community.
  • Share our online resources to make sure your colleagues, friends and acquaintances understand the need to protect the U.S. drug supply.
  • Contact our Executive Director, Shabbir Safdar, at to discuss advocacy and education opportunities.
2017 Counterfeit Medicine Count Map

Congress and state legislatures across the country are considering proposals that could open our nation’s drug supply to unsafe and counterfeit drugs. It is crucial that Americans let our government know that we reject proposals that compromise the safety of U.S. patients. To learn more about why proposals to weaken the supply chain to import cheaper medicine from other countries don't work, see our Policymakers page.

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