• Fake Drug Hawkers Threaten Anti-Counterfeiting Officials in Nigeria

    NAFDAC officials were surrounded and threatened by drug traders while raiding a pharmaceutical marketplace with a masked informant in Nigeria. Three suspected fake medicine sellers were apprehended by authorities with their wares by the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) however the majority […]

  • Online Pharmacy Owner Caught Selling Fake Drugs Out Of London Garage

    An Uxbridge resident has pleaded guilty to selling counterfeit medicine online from a repair garage in northwest London. Saranjit Bhambra admitted to operating a website, www.keepithard.co.uk, that sold prescription erectile dysfunction medication without a prescription. He pleaded guilty on April 26, 2011, to one offense […]

  • 200 Arrested in Fake Medicine Ring

    Police in China’s Zhejiang Province arrested more than 200 suspects on May 25, 2011, for allegedly manufacturing and selling fake medicine and health care products. Over 1,000 police officers from the Jinhua Public Security Department raided 41 locations and arrested in total 263 people, mostly […]

  • Detroit Man Arrested a Second Time for Counterfeit Drug Sales

    Federal authorities arrested a Detroit resident on May 26, 2011, for running a counterfeit medicine ring. Gene Hardwick, 49, allegedly bought hundreds of fake erectile dysfunction pills online for 50 cents apiece and then sold them locally for $3- $4 each, netting roughly $800 a […]

  • UK Paramedic Dies of Accidental Overdose of Drugs Sold Through Foreign Online Pharmacy

    The death of a London paramedic has been ruled accidental after she ingested a fatal dose of pills purchased from a foreign online pharmacy.

    Lorna Lambden, 27, a paramedic and Masters Degree student at the University of Hertfordshire, was found dead in her home on December 17, 2010, after ingesting pills purchased over the internet without a prescription, reports the Daily Mail.

    The coroner, Edward Thomas, found a fatal level of the drug amitriptyline in her blood. Thomas added that the medication had not been prescribed to Lambden, but suspected she purchased an equivalent called “amitrip” from a foreign internet-based pharmacy.

    Said Thomas, “…four milligrams [worth of amitriptyline were] found in her blood, and a therapeutic level is about one milligram.” He went on to say that after taking the drug she collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrhythmia, reports the St. Albans Review.

    Lambden’s family knew that she had trouble sleeping and suspect she purchased the medication to rest between twelve hour shifts with the London Ambulance Service, reports the London Metro.

    Lambden’s mother, a retired accident and emergency sister, said: “It’s terrible that these drugs are so freely available online and people can buy them without seeing any warnings about the harm they can do.”

    Coroner Thomas said: “Amitriptyline can stop the heart and I think that is likely here. Lorna would not have known it had happened. It would not have been like a heart attack.”

  • Image from the Lorna Lambden Memorial Facebook page.

  • Miami Woman Arrested for Fake Botox Injections

    A Miami facialist has been arrested by police for allegedly perfoming unlicensed facial injections of counterfeit Botox that severely injured two people. Diana Marcela Cardenas-Gonzalez, 28, was charged on Tuesday, May 24th, of practicing medicine without a license, and practicing health care without a license […]

  • Counterfeit Diet Drugs Banned in the US Found for Sale In Israel

    US FDA alerted US consumers to sibutramine containing diet capsules in early May, and now those same capsules have been found for sale in Israel, according to the Israeli Health Ministry’s Pharmaceutical Crime Unit. The drug was withdrawn from the US market due to safety […]

  • New Zealand Woman Risks Death with Fake Botox Injections

    New Zealand and Australian surgeons are warning people not to buy fake Botox injections on the internet after several people were severely injured and suffered life-threatening complications. The President of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine, Dr. Teresa Cattin, says that they often see […]

  • Product Recall: Slim Xtreme Herbal Slimming Capsule for Undeclared Drug Ingredient

    This is a reprint of the FDA Safety Alert. All lots of Slim Xtreme Herbal Slimming Capsule, 30 Capsules/Bottle, are being recalled. The products were sold and distributed nationwide via the internet and at the company’s headquarters in Hollywood, Florida. The Food and Drug Administration […]

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