A Miami facialist has been arrested by police for allegedly perfoming unlicensed facial injections of counterfeit Botox that severely injured two people.

Diana Marcela Cardenas-Gonzalez, 28, was charged on Tuesday, May 24th, of practicing medicine without a license, and practicing health care without a license causing injuries, reports NBC Miami.

On September 26, 2010, in Miami, two patients received supposed Botox treatments on their faces by Cardenas-Gonzalez, reports the police.

The police report states, ""[Cardenas-Gonzalez] injected both victims about the face using a syringe which was alleged to contain 'Botox' in exchange for U.S. currency."  

In the following month, states the report, the victims suffered cyst-like masses on their faces, and contacted Cardenas-Gonzalez, who treated them with facial massages to "soften up" the cysts.

Eventually, however, the victims required doctor intervention and may need plastic surgery to correct their induced injuries.

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Also recently in the news, a New Zealand woman was injected with cooking oil when she received counterfeit Botox injections.

By S. Imber