Thomas T. Kubic

6a00e5550359d188340105360eaf75970bThomas T. Kubic is the former President and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI), a non-profit association dedicated to protecting the public health by ensuring the distribution of pharmaceuticals that are safe and effective.  Mr. Kubic previously served on the World Health Organization's IMPACT Enforcement Working Group. With the 2013 launch of the Pharmaceutical Industry Initiative to Combat Crime (PIICC), he participated in the Technical Committee to assist Interpol's global efforts to address pharmaceutical crime. He is an industry advisor to the Permanent Forum Against International Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting. Additionally, he has provided testimony before senior government officials around the world concerning the international nature of counterfeiting and its devastating impact. He is a Board Member for the Partnership for Safe Medicines.

Composed of the security directors from 28 pharmaceutical manufacturers with business operations in more than 160 countries, PSI shares information on the counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and initiates enforcement actions through the appropriate authorities. Under Mr. Kubic's leadership, PSI was completely reorganized to emphasize information sharing and private-public sector cooperation. Major advances included the development of the PSI Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy and a unique, internationally recognized counterfeit medicines reporting system, the Counterfeit Incident System.

Prior to joining PSI, Mr. Kubic acquired substantial national and international investigative experience during his 30-year career a federal law enforcement executive for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). As a FBI Deputy Assistant Director, his innovative programs in both the Laboratory Division and Criminal Investigative Division were recognized throughout the law enforcement community.

Updated December 2, 2014