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Operation Pangea VIII Takes Action Against More Than 1,000 Purveyors of Fake Drugs & Medical Devices During The 8th annual International Internet Week of Action (IIWA) led by Interpol, the FDA along with law enforcement from across the globe acted to eliminate the sale of counterfeit medications and medical devices on the Internet. As part of... (Jul 7, 2015)

Black Market, "Discount" HIV/AIDS Medications Threaten Patient's Health Since 2006, at least 86 individuals have been charged with the distribution of black market HIV/AIDS medications to American pharmacies, secondary wholesale distributors and patients. In the face of this threat, patients need the tools to identify questionable medicine and to seek better prices safely. (Jun 29, 2015)

Are The Men in Your Life Safe From Counterfeit Drugs? As we honor fathers all over the United States this Father’s Day, take a few minutes to understand the unique dangers men face from counterfeit medications. A quick glance at the National Crime Prevention Association page on counterfeit drugs will... (Jun 19, 2015)

PSM PSA: Doctors! Protect Your Practice from Fake Drugs The Partnership for Safe Medicines has created a series of public service announcements to educate both patients and medical professionals about the dangers posed by fake medications. In Doctors! Protect Your Practice from Fake Drugs, PSM board member Tom Kubic of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute points out that “the physician is the last word on everything in the office, including medication purchases.” (Jun 15, 2015)

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