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PSM PSA: Don’t Destroy Your Medical Practice with Fake Drugs The latest in public service announcements from Partnership for Safe Medicines tells the story of what happens to doctors who make the mistake of purchasing substandard medication. PSM board member Jim Dahl advises physicians Don’t Destroy Your Medical Practice with Fake Drugs. (Jul 27, 2015)

AUSA Lindsay Kelly Tells the Story of Gallant Pharma Prosecution at Interchange 2014 The second panel of the day at Interchange 2014, titled “Patient Safety and Criminal Prosecutions in the U.S.” featured federal prosecutors who provided insights into their recent counterfeit and misbranded drug prosecutions. AUSA Lindsay Kelly told the Interchange 2014 audience how Gallant Pharma operated. “Their competitors were the other illegal companies. They [Gallant Pharma] were trying to distinguish themselves in that market by saying ‘we actually have offices here, we can give you everything overnight delivery,’ and they had a sales force that actually set out recruiting doctors as patients, just like the legitimate pharmaceutical companies.” (Jul 20, 2015)

PSM PSA: Super Cheap Canadian Pharmacy In another public service announcement from Partnership for Safe Medicines warns of the dangers lurking for sale at fake online pharmacy websites. In Super Cheap Canadian Pharmacy, PSM board member Tom Kubic of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute cautions against buying medication from “a Canadian online pharmacy with cheaper prices,” (Jul 13, 2015)

The Partnership for Safe Medicines Wins Communications Award for Consumer Safety Resources The Partnership for Safe Medicines is pleased to announce that the organization has been honored with an Excellence Award for outstanding work in the area of nonprofit communications. The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts gave The Partnership for Safe... (Jul 9, 2015)

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