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What Policy Makers Need to Know About Counterfeit Drugs in the United States With the explosive growth of global medication counterfeiting crime rings, it is essential for policy makers across all disciplines to familiarize themselves with the counterfeit drug problem in the United States. (Mar 30, 2015)

Interchange 2014 Highlights: The Institute of Medicine's Gillian Buckley Shares Recommendations for Improving the Quality of Drugs in Low and Middle Income Countries. At PSM's 2014 Interchange Gillian Buckley shared the Institute of Medicine's Board on Global Health's recommendations on how to stop the flow of fake medicines by supporting regulatory authorities and drug manufacturers in low to middle income countries. (Mar 27, 2015)

Protect Yourself When You're Seeking Better Prices on Prescription Medication Patients are always seeking ways to save money on medications and if they're not careful they can open themselves up to dishonest vendors selling fake drugs. Learn how to save money safely. (Mar 27, 2015)

Interchange 2014 Highlights: Pharmaceutical Security Institute CEO Tom Kubic Summarizes This Year's Drug Counterfeiting, Diversion and Theft Statistics. At last year's Interchange, we were pleased to have Tom Kubic, PSM's treasurer and the president and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI), summarize trends in international drug counterfeiting activity and enforcement. (Mar 27, 2015)

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