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Florida Businessman Pleads Guilty to Selling Fake & Misbranded Drugs Robert Lohr sold the fakes via a fake pharmacy known as either “American Drug Club of Bradenton” or “Canadian American Drug Club.” Lohr made over $1 million selling his counterfeit medication to unsuspecting patients. (Feb 3, 2016)

Death in LA County Highlights the Dangers of Counterfeit Medication LA County officials warn public about the toxic threat that fake medications pose, and share a tragic story about a woman whose efforts to save money by using non-FDA approved treatments led to her death. An NBC News story shares... (Jan 27, 2016)

When Buying from a Fake Online Pharmacy, IRACM Wants You to know “It’s All Fake!” A new campaign by International Institute for Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) aims to educate patients that anyone with access to the Internet can be exposed to counterfeit drugs via fake online pharmacies. Did you realize that of 331,430 websites... (Dec 15, 2015)

Interchange 2014 Highlights: Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood Speaks Fights Counterfeits at the State Level Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, who has made significant contributions to state-based efforts to protect Americans from counterfeit products, offered an attorney general's perspective on working collaboratively with Federal agencies to fight counterfeit medicines. (Dec 14, 2015)

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