New poll: Majorities of pharmacists and law enforcement say drug importation proposals will increase counterfeits, erode safety, and spur drug abuse.

More than half of law enforcement officials surveyed believe drug importation would increase the flow of counterfeit medications into the United States.
Six in ten pharmacists believe drug importation would increase rates of drug abuse across the country.  Read the press release and review the polling data.


Nearly 170 organization urge Congress to protect patients from hazards of drug importation

(Feb 28, 2017) Today nearly 170 organizations joined the Partnership for Safe Medicines in urging Congress to maintain safe access to medicine and oppose importation.  In part, the letter said, “No patient is served well by a drug from an unknown source, that has been stored under unknown conditions, and which contains unknown ingredients because it passed through unlicensed, foreign middlemen who operate beyond U.S. law.”   Read the entire letter.  Read the press release.



Inconvenient facts about drug importation proponents don’t want you to hear

Did you know Canadian pharmacists are not allowed to dispense medication to an American with their American doctor’s prescription?  Canadian pharmacists who do this are breaking the law.

Did you know that Canada’s patient community is opposed to Americans raiding their drug supply?  Given the fact that America is nine times the size of Canada, Canadian patient advocates are worried about Americans depleting Canada’s supply and oppose American laws regarding export of their drug supply to America.

Learn the truth about drug importation proposals in our explainer.