Woman Receives 20,000 Fake Pills Instead of Yoga Mat in Mail

November 20, 2017

In October, a woman in Rock Hill, South Carolina received a package from Walmart that she assumed was a yoga mat she had ordered. Instead, the package contained over 20,000 oxycodone pills.

The ‘Price Savings’ of Drug Importation— Unboxing the Myth

November 17, 2017

Even if we broaden the scenario further, and assume that the importation of drugs into the United States from other industrialized countries become the norm, then it is still unreasonable to assume that global prices will remain stagnant. Instead, the resulting global prices that manufacturers negotiate will likely increase toward the initial U.S. prices. If, considering these dynamics, drug importation sounds counterproductive, that’s because it is.

FDA-OCI Increasing Efforts To Keep Counterfeit Drugs From Getting Into The Country

November 16, 2017

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb spoke with FDA-OCI agents about the importance of their work and how the agency is increasing staff at International Mail Facilities and ports of entry to help identify and keep fake drugs and illicit opioids out of the country…

House Energy and Commerce Committee Asks DEA Questions About Industrial Pill Press Importation

November 16, 2017

The DEA knows that drug traffickers use industrial pill press machines to make counterfeit medicines. Now the House Energy & Commerce Committee is asking for information on which companies are selling these machines and who is buying them in the U.S…

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