Mapping the World of Counterfeits

Marv D. Shepherd, PhD

From intellectual property violations to grave health risks, the Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) brings you the facts and figures regarding the harmful effects of counterfeit drugs. One of our most popular tools: the interactive map of counterfeit drug incidents.

As a PSM member, the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) understands the dangers of counterfeit drugs and is devoted to combating the counterfeit of pharmaceuticals, as well as other products like car parts, apparel, luxury goods, food and software.

Central to our organizations’ fight against counterfeit products is consumer awareness. Thus, PSM now shares its counterfeit drug incidents with the IACC to create a comprehensive database of current counterfeiting cases from across the globe.

As the map illustrates, counterfeit products threaten almost every industry and nation—and it is through partnerships like the PSM and the IACC that we can help combat them.

I encourage you to visit this informative, visual resource and to learn more about becoming a member of the PSM. Together, we can help ensure the safety of consumer products.