Uganda Sets Up Police Desks to Fight Counterfeit Drugs

Police officials in the landlocked African Nation of Uganda are setting up anti-narcotics desks at all of the police stations around the country in an effort to fight the problem of counterfeit drugs.

Inspector general of Police Kale Kayihura told the New Vision that the desks are being set up to combat the rising number of counterfeit drugs being sold at pharmacies around the country.

Each of the more than 200 anti-narcotics desks will have a toll-free line that the public can use to inform police about potentially nefarious activities.

Kayihura has worked hard in the past to protect Uganda from counterfeit drugs and has spared nothing when it comes to describing the devastating effects that fake medications can have on a country.

“Terrorism is not only linked to bombs,” he said. “This is mass murder and another form of terrorism.”

In addition, Kayihura says that he has encountered the problems posed by counterfeit drugs first hand.

“In the past, whenever I had a headache I would take pain killers and it would go but these days, even when I take painkillers the headache persists,” he said, reports the news source.