Major Pharmaceutical Cargo Theft Committed in California

Two criminals disguised as police officers allegedly committed a major pharmaceutical theft when stole a delivery truck.

Los Angeles police Sergeant Mitzi Grasso, said the truck was delivering drugs to a Rite Aid in the San Fernando Valley in the early morning on October 7 when two men wielding semiautomatic handguns approached the driver, according to the Associated Press. The two men kidnapped the driver and eventually stole the truck's cargo.

The suspects were reportedly wearing dark clothes with the word "Police" on them.

"They must have planned it," Grasso said. "They obviously knew the delivery schedule because they were waiting."

One of the men got into the truck with the driver and the two drove two miles away. The driver was then ordered out of the vehicle. He was unharmed, reports the new source.

The other robber followed in a Honda Accord.

The emptied-out truck was found in a liquor store parking lot. Grasso said that the truck was full at the time of the pharmaceutical theft.

"It was completely cleaned out," Grasso said. "They must have had people standing by."

The two suspects remain at large, according to the news source.