Police Arrest 2 in Connection to Attempted $15,000 Pharmaceutical Theft

Washington state police recently arrested two people who are suspected of the theft of pharmaceuticals.

The two suspects allegedly tried to steal a large metal safe with more than $15,000 in prescription drugs out of an Olympia, Washington, pharmacy, according to the Tacoma News Tribune.

Jack Frederick Boysen and Marissa Cathryn Cavanaugh are under suspicion for first-degree burglary while armed with a firearm and first-degree theft while armed with a firearm.

According to court papers, the thieves wrapped a cable attached to a pickup truck to a metal bar on the Yauger Park Health Mart Pharmacy’s drive-through window and then used the truck to pull out the window.

The thieves then tied the cable around the large pharmaceutical safe and tried to drive away with it. However, the news source reports that the cable came loose and the safe was left in the middle of the street.

“This wasn’t well thought-out,” pharmacy manager Jim Perrou told the news provider.

Police were initially alerted to the robbery by the pharmacy’s alarm said Perrou. In addition, court papers indicate that someone called the police with reports that there was “a large safe in the middle of the street.” Witnesses also reported a pickup truck that was “dragging a rope or cable from the rear.”

Police located and stopped the truck, and found both Boysen and Cavanaugh covered in yellow dust, which the arresting officer suspected was from the hole that the thieves ripped into the wall of the pharmacy.

Perrou told the news source that he believes that the yellow dust was a pharmaceutical chemical that had become disturbed during the robbery.

The two suspects attempted to convince the officer that they were not involved in the pharmaceutical theft, court papers indicate.

“Boysen and Cavanaugh told arresting officers that they had been dining at Applebee’s and after the repast came upon the safe in the middle of the road,” court papers said. “Concerned for this roadway hazard, Boysen said that he tried to take it under tow, and the cable parted. Boysen said the dust which he was festooned with came from the safe.”

The drugs in the safe included morphine, methadone, as well as several other regulated pain medications, according to Perrou.