Vietnam Has Strong Sentencing in Place for Drug Counterfeiters

Counterfeit drugs are becoming an increasingly serious problem in Vietnam but there are stern punishments in place for those who are caught dealing in this nefarious trade, according to Viet Nam News.

The news source reports that Vietnam’s Criminal Code has sentencing guidelines that provide for two to seven years of imprisonment for those caught manufacturing or trading in counterfeit drugs that pose any sort of threat to the safety of the public.

These penalties can be ramped up, however. According to the Criminal Code, those who manufacture or trade counterfeit drugs in a “professional” or “organized” manner or “causes serious consequences” because of their activities can be sentenced from five to 12 years, reports the news provider.

Furthermore if the offender causes “particularly serious consequences” from their dealings with counterfeit drugs they can receive a life sentence.

The Viet Nam News reports that many of the cases in recent years have resulted in sentences of three to seven years, indicating that many criminals of are deemed to have caused “serious consequences” through their involvement in counterfeit drugs.