Pakistani Court Denies Bail in Trial of Men Accused of Selling Counterfeit Drugs

The Sindh High Court (SHC) in Karachi, Pakistan, has rejected the bail application of two men who allegedly trafficked in counterfeit medications, according to the Daily Times.

The SHC division bench consisting of Justice Gulzar Ahmad and Justuce Imam Bukhsh Balouch decided against issuing bail after hearing arguments from the prosecution against the two defendants, Muhammad Faisal and Muhammad Imran. The court also received a report from investigation officer Akhta Shaheen.

The source reports that, according to the prosecution, a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) team recovered a large number of pills labeled with the brand names of well-known drugs during a raid on a wholesale shop and warehouse. Subsequent chemical analysis of the pills in an FIA laboratory found that the drugs were substandard and altered with other substances.

After producing the investigation report for the court, Shaheen told the source that a complaint had been registered with the FIA by a pharmaceutical company claiming that many substandard counterfeit drugs were being sold using labels from its legitimate medications.