Personal Computers Hijacked for Online Pharmacy Promotions

Online pharmaceutical spam organization,, has been implicated in the use of Bredolab, a botnet that hijacked personal computers to use to spread spam.

KrebsOnSecurity reported that Georg Avanesov, age 27, was arrested by Armenian police on suspicion of being the curator of Bredolab, a botnet that has infected approximately 3 million computers a month.

KrebsOnSecurity also reported that Avanesov’s email address and hacker alias were used to register at least two affiliate accounts at He is accused by the Netherlands Police Agency’s High Tech Crime Unit of using Spamit to advertise the renting and use of Bredolab botnet to promote pharmacy sales. has been associated with the promotion of illegitmate online pharmacy sales and billions of spam emails.  The alleged proprietor of, Igor A. Gusev, has been arrested by Russian authorities for operating a pharmacy without a license and with failing to register a business.