Philippine Department of Health Issues Fake Drug Warning

The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) issued a warning to the public against fake drugs and vitamin supplements that they believe have proliferated the country’s markets.

Counterfeit drugs may contain harmful ingredients or lack the necessary ingredients and have low concentration of active ingredients that may impact efficacy, said DOH Regional Director Myrna Cabotaje in a government press release. She also emphasized the importance of Food and Drug Administration approval for medications sold in the country saying, “Imported drug or medicines brought in the country is also considered as counterfeit drug because it is not registered under FDA.“

Regulation and Enforcement Division Head, Dr. Erwin Baclig, said that they are continuously monitoring drug stores for fake medicines in conjunction with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA-CAR) and have confiscated a lot of unregistered drugs and supplements that have prohibited or harmful ingredients.

Said Baclig, “The public should buy their medicines from refutable drug stores and for pharmacies to buy their supply from registered or licensed dealer. Counterfeit drugs may do the patient more harm than cure them.”

Assistant Secretary of the DOH, Elmer Punzalan, worried about reports that fake drugs are entering the country and “flooding the marketing”and warned against counterfeits that look like branded drugs. He advised that people check the Certificate of Product Registration before purchasing and to purchase known FDA registered medications over possibly counterfeit brand medications.