A three year investigation into the international distribution of fake drugs led to the arrest of a 32 year old Chinese man residing in Wellington, NZ suspected of marketing counterfeit medicine using the internet.

Auckland Metro Crime and Operations Support, a New Zealand police agency, announced they arrested the unnamed man and remanded him on bail until next month, pending a hearing to consider his request for extradition to the United States. Several United States agencies, including Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations and the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigations participated in the investigation with the New Zealand police, reported The New Zealand Herald.

The gang is accused of distributing sexual stimulants, heart medication, pain killers and other drugs, said Detective Inspector Stu Allsopp-Smith, and that the fakes are believed to have been sourced from China.

Said Detective Inspector Allsopp-Smith, “This inquiry highlights the need to ensure that medications are obtained from legitimate and proper pharmaceutical sources and in consultation with medical professionals.”