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Hacked Military and Government Computers Push Online Rogue Pharmacies

A U.S. web hosting provider admitted that hackers have invaded dozens of web pages
of government, educational and financial sites through a software flaw to promote online rogue

Brian Krebs, an investigative journalist, reported that a customer of a Utah based web site host provider exploited a bug in a web site
administration tool used by a majority of hosting providers to ultimately
redirect visitors from these institutional websites to online stores selling prescription drugs without
prescription requirements.


7,000 Pills Vanished in Pharmacy Theft

A Northeast Florida pharmacist has been charged with the theft of 7,000 prescription painkiller pills from a Rite Aid drug store that are still missing.


Anti-Counterfeiting Tech On the Rise

Anti-counterfeiting specialists believe that medicine counterfeiting will increase in 2011. Pharma IQ conducted a survey in October 2000 of 1000 medicine anti-counterfeiting experts. More than 60% stated that the threat of fake drugs will increase in 2011. Experts are concerned about the rate of growth in emerging markets in Asia as well as internet sales…


Fake Drugs Sold Like Peanuts

Nigerian police intercepted a pharmacist storing fake medicines in plastic buckets, including ones that had not been legitimately produced in more than nine years.