Prescription Drug Safety Hill Briefing: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at Noon

Tom Kubic at the Congressional briefing on March 30, 2011.  See all the photos.

Counterfeit drugs – like the 20,000 pills seized last month by U.S. Customs official at Kennedy Airport in New York – defraud consumers and deny patients therapies that can alleviate suffering and save lives. Unfortunately, in some cases, these drugs have caused great harm and fatalities.

In today’s global environment, it doesn’t matter if you live in United States, Europe, Asia, or Africa-everyone is at risk from unsafe drugs.  To provide insights into this growing public health threat, we invite you to attend a noon briefing on Wednesday, March 30.

Joining us was Tom Kubic, Board Member of the Partnership for Safe Medicines and President, CEO of Pharmaceutical Security Institute; John Gray, President, CEO of HDMA; Nancy Kennedy from the FDA Office of Criminal Investigations and Allan Coukell, Director, Medical Safety Division, Pew Health Group.

You can watch a taping of the speaker’s presentations on YouTube.