Canadian Mounties seized more than 115,000 counterfeit pills during a raid at a Mississauga, Ontario, warehouse on May 13, 2011.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police estimates that value of drugs, combined with a stash of fake designer clothing, at $5 million Canadian, reports CNews.

Mounties in British Columbia intercepted 15,000 fake erectile dysfunction pills packaged in individual blister packs in transit from Asia to Mississauga.

Staging an overnight raid of the warehouse in Mississauga on May 12th, police found 100,000 more pills, packaged for sale in packs and boxes, along with the clothing. The estimated market value of the fake medicine is about $1 million according to the police, reports the Post Media News.

“Criminal organizations profit from these illegal activities, without regard for the health and safety of Canadians, or the negative impact their activities have on the Canadian economy and legitimate business,” said Insp. Todd Gilmore, from the GTA federal enforcement section, reported CTV. “The RCMP will continue to work with our partners to protect the health and safety of Canadians.”
Police arrested and charged a man accused of both importing the medication and leasing the warehouse, Abrahaam Benmoise, 56 of Hamilton.

By S. Imber