Honoring the 5th Anniversary of Marcia Bergeron’s Passing


Five years ago today, Marcia Bergeron suddenly passed away. Marcia thought she had a common virus, but her symptoms were actually caused by the poisonous fake medications, and instead of getting better, she died suddenly of heavy metals poisoning.

The coroner’s report determined that Marcia died of cardiac arrhythmia caused by metal toxicity. The toxic metals were concentrated in her system from counterfeit medication. She was poisoned by fake drugs she purchased from a fake online pharmacy.

Marcia did most of her major shopping online, and her purchase of medication was no different. It was convenient for her because she lived in a remote location.

The medications she purchased came from a site that looked reputable, but were sent from overseas and contained high levels of lead, titanium and arsenic.

In memory of Marcia, always look for VIPPS seal before purchasing medication online, and use the NABP’s recommended site list to double check. Rest in peace, Marcia Bergeron.

By S. Imber