Pwned June 1(Check out the Urban Dictionary’s definition of "pwned")

Websites hacked by rogue online pharmacies this week:
May 28, 2012

Every week we receive an email with the newest listings on Google for online pharmacies. In each email there are always a few hacked websites that are now unwitting advertisers for counterfeit drugs. Drug counterfeiters first crack the security on the website, then corrupt the site software so that it redirects your web browser to their fake online pharmacy.

When you do business with an uncertified online pharmacy, you're doing business with people for whom hacking into other people’s computers is a viable marketing program. Do you really trust a hacker to sell you the medicine you're going to put inside your body?

Congratulations, New Mexico Highlands University, University of Pennsylvania, and International Society for Ecological Modeling! You’re this week's unwitting hosts a new batch of fake online pharmacies.