How Did That Canadian Pharmacy Medicine Get To Me?

How Did That Canadian Web Pharmacy Medicine Get to Me?

So called “Canadian” online pharmacies pretend to sell non-Canadians price-controlled medications for citizens. Evidence collected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration questions their claim.

In 2011, counterfeit cancer medication, Avastin, was found and tested by the FDA.  The lifesaving medication used for late stage cancer patients was found to contain NO ACTIVE INGREDIENT.  The fake medication arrived in the veins of patients after a circuitous round-the-world journey, beginning in Turkey, moving through several different European Union pass-through distributors who were not required by their countries to submit the medication for authentication to authorities.  The company that allegedly supervised the distribution of the medication according to both the FDA and the Wall Street Journal is a so-called Canadian online pharmacy,

In contrast, medication provided by the authentic maker of Avastin is made in the United States. Currently there are six authorized distributors who deliver the medication directly to doctor’s offices in the US.  There are no other middle-men.  It is a clear, straight line between manufacturer and patient.

Graphic courtesy the Wall Street Journal




Authentic US manufactured cancer medication comes in a straight line from manufacturer to distributor to doctor’s office.