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Between 2007 and 2018 Foreign Wholesalers Sold American Doctors Unreliable Black Market Cancer Drugs

From 2007 to 2018 American physicians and clinics demonstrated that drug importation is not safe and is extremely difficult to make safe. Doctors thought they were saving money. Instead they purchased illegally imported, expired, damaged and outright counterfeit medications—including cancer treatments—from black market wholesalers posing as licensed distributors in Canada and other countries.


Counterfeit Drugs in America 2017

Counterfeit Drugs In America: Crimes, Victims & Solutions (2017), is The Partnership for Safe Medicines’ 60-page primer about the threat counterfeit medicines pose to Americans. The “fact pack” explains where counterfeit drugs come from, why they’re dangerous, how they get to American patients, and how we can protect ourselves.


Bipartisan Safety Issues: How Many Different Kinds of Black Market Medicines have been Sold in Your State?

Since 2012, the FDA has issued warnings to more than 3,000 doctors, clinics and hospitals about eight different breaches in the U.S. drug supply chain by rogue distributors such as Richards Pharma, Canada Drugs, Medical Device King, Gallant Pharmaceuticals, and TC Medical. These rogue distributors offered 63 different non-FDA approved medicines. Have you or has someone you know taken medicine that these smugglers have sold?


Rogues Gallery Comics: An Illustrated Guide To Counterfeit Drug Crime

The Rogues Gallery Comic Book series tells the real-life stories of fake drug criminals and their cases. Volume one tells about the Greedy Doctor that lied to patients with no hope for a cure, the Master Counterfeiter whose greed drove him straight into the arms of US investigators, the Black Marketer who sold fake drugs to US doctors, and the mystery Criminal Mastermind responsible for introducing counterfeit cancer medication to U.S. oncology practices. In volume two, you’ll read about The Smooth Talker and his $150,000 car, the Canadian who pioneered the fake online pharmacy business model, and the Hero Nurses that stood between oncology patients and dangerous fake medications.


Safety Tips Campaign

Educate your organization members on the dangers of counterfeit medicines, but also teach them how to keep safe from dangerous fake drugs. SAFEMEDICINES has 26 tips for patients and another 27 for doctors and other healthcare providers that you can share with your members in your newsletters, on your facebook page, on twitter, and on your website.


Black Market Injectable Cosmetic Treatments, a Nationwide Problem

Between 2005 and 2013, there was one death and 11 other patients who required medical attention for disfigurement or serious illness as the result of receiving fake or misbranded cosmetic injectables while at a doctor’s office, clinic, or salon. Black Market Cosmetic Injectables in the U.S. 2005-2013 attempts to describe the scope of the problem.


Patient Advocates Warn of Dangers of Black Market HIV Medicines

In May 2014, the Community Access National Network (CANN) and the Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM), released a new resource for the HIV/AIDS community and their doctors. The flyers, available online and in print form, highlighted the incidence of black market HIV/AIDS medication since 2006 and offered tips for patients and physicians to ensure they are purchasing legitimate drugs from reputable sources.


PSM Releases Report on Black Market IUDs at U.S. Clinics

Between 2009 and 2014, 35 doctors in 7 states were prosecuted for exposing women to non-FDA approved IUDs. Doctors have been accused of purchasing IUDs from “Canadian” fake online pharmacies and importing untested IUDs from Mexico, then billing Medicare for the cost of genuine, FDA-approved IUDs. Over the same time period, authorities estimated that over 450 women were implanted with misbranded, black-market IUDs.

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