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Ray Richardson show information

CanaRX on the Ray Richardson show on Mon 4/15/2013 @ 7am EST

This coming Monday morning 4/15/2013 @ 7am EST the Ray Richardson show is going to talk about importing drugs and have, as a guest, CanaRX, the company that fills Mainers prescriptions by passing them along to unlicensed pharmacies in other countries to be filled with who knows what kind of drugs.  On Monday morning please listen to the show and call in to let them know that:

  • these programs are supplying non-FDA approved drugs,
  • these drugs are not actually from Canada,
  • these programs are unsafe, unregulated by any safety entity and rely only on “Scout’s Honor” to protect patients, and
  • in many cases, there are cheaper than generic alternatives bought right here in Maine.

The show is on 1310AM and streaming at   You can call into the show at 207-775-1310

For more information about CanaRX and the dangers of Maine importation, please go to


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