Over-the-Counter Drugs Part of Counterfeit Bust in New York

Investigators turn up over $2 million worth of counterfeit health and beauty products, including counterfeited cold medicines and painkillers.

Nassau County prosecutors allege that two brothers, Pardeep Malik and Hamant Mullick ran a multi-state health and beauty product counterfeiting business, CNN reports. According to CNN, “Law enforcement authorities seized four tractor-trailers filled with knockoff health products from five locations on Long Island.”

According to CBS New York, the pair manufactured their fake products in a warehouse on Long Island. A local resident, Andrea Bergin of Carle Place told CBS “It’s very scary. We have regulations for a reason, we don’t know if these were tested at all.”

Jezebel noted, “Officials who found the products reported there no material data safety sheets found with any of the products or supplies used in production. Now, prosecutors are trying to determine if any of the products are the market are dangerous or pose any possible health risks. Yikes.”

CNN reports that the brothers sold their fakes to wholesale distributors, who then turned around and sold them to retailers as far away as Pennsylvania and Florida. The two brothers have been charged with felony trademark counterfeiting, and each is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice told CNN, “Health and beauty products like lip balms, oils, shampoos and inhalers are highly regulated in order to protect consumers, but these defendants are charged with going around those protections and stealing the brands of major corporations that comply with the law. These actions can endanger the public.”
By S. Imber