World Anti-Counterfeiting Day Marks Successes Against Fake Medicines

Washington, D.C. (June 5, 2014) – Marv Shepherd, President of the Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM), the leading advocate in the fight against counterfeit prescription drugs, today issued the following statement on the 16th Global Anti-Counterfeiting Day:

“On World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, PSM stands united with our global partners in the war against fake medicines. Although counterfeit medicines continue to be a multibillion dollar business and a global health menace, recent events give us hope that we are starting to turn the tide. Just a few weeks ago, INTERPOL completed Pangea VII, partnering with 111 nations in a global sting operation that seized 9.4 million doses of fake drugs, shuttered 10,600 illegal online pharmacies, and removed over 19,000 ads for fake drugs on social media sites. We are especially proud of PSM’s own Tom Kubic, President of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, who was one of the many individuals who contributed to the success of Pangea VII.

The results of Pangea reinforces the commitment of the world’s leaders in fighting counterfeit medicines, but the sheer size of the operation also highlights the scope and magnitude of the problem. That’s why PSM has been working to expand our reach by partnering with other leading advocates and providing new resources to better educate the public. Working with groups like Fight the Fakes, the Community Access National Network, and the Men’s Health Network, we are getting the word out to patients and the medical community about the dangers of counterfeit medicines, especially those purchased from illegal online sites.

PSM thanks all the individuals and organizations who are working tirelessly to stop the flood of counterfeit medicines from reaching our homes. Through all our continuing efforts, we look forward to continued successes and toward the day when fake medicines are a thing of the past.”

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