Dallas Pair Arrested After Client Found Dead from Fake Beauty Treatments

Denise Ross and Jimmy Joe “Alicia” Clark have been arrested in Dallas on murder charges stemming from their use of Hydrogel as a beauty injection treatment. Wykesha Reid’s body was found wrapped in gauze in Ross and Clark’s abandoned beauty salon. Even before Reid’s death, authorities had sought Ross and Clark for practicing medicine without a license in other cases. Ross and Clark’s former clients told authorities the pair would inject them with hydrogel, and then seal the injection site with superglue. Hydrogel is not designed for any internal use and can cause scarring tissue death, and in more serious cases, respiratory failure, cardiac failure and shock.

Who: Dallas Police Department.

When: March 18, 2015, February 2015 – June 2015.

Where: Dallas, Texas.

How: Investigation by FDA-OCI.

Additional details: Saint Louis authorities are investigating the August 2015 death of a local woman named Daysha Phillips who they suspected died as a result of beauty injections given Ross. Ross had been granted bail in her Texas murder case.

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