Canada Experiences Rash of Deaths Due to Counterfeit Medication

Fake Oxycontin pills actually made with fentanyl responsible for more than 50 deaths in Alberta since the beginning of the year.

OpSecSecurity is reporting that Canada is experiencing a dramatic increase in deaths due to the sale and ingestion of counterfeit versions of the painkiller oxycontin. According to OpSecSecurity, there have been three recent deaths in Saskatchewan due to the counterfeit pills.

According to the CBC, there have been more than 50 deaths so far this year in Alberta as a direct result of counterfeit oxycontin. The drugs are marketed as imported oxycontin, but are in actual fact the much more potent painkiller fentanyl. The CBC spoke to an Alberta police officer, who told them “What we have here is a drug bust, and if you look at the 2,041 pills, you might as well look at those as bullets — 2,000 bullets — because each of those pills, very well, could kill somebody.”

By S. Imber