Latest Prescription Drug Counterfeiting Scheme Illustrates the Dangers of Importation

The Partnership for Safe Medicines released the following statement on the sentencing of Daniel Sanchez for his role in an illegal online counterfeit medicines scheme based in Pittsburgh and Houston:

“Drug counterfeiters take advantage of our vulnerable citizens on a daily basis, and have grown globally into a multibillion dollar industry,” said PSM President Marv Shepherd. “This case only serves to reinforce the danger of illegal online pharmacies, domestic or foreign, and the harm they can cause to patients. We must never allow the security and effectiveness of the U.S. drug supply chain to be compromised, and this latest example proves our commitment to combat counterfeit medications must remain as strong as ever.”

“Sadly, there remain members of Congress and candidates for President of the United States who support practices that would make it easier for counterfeit and non-FDA approved medicines to infiltrate our drug supply chain. Prescription drug importation would only benefit the vast criminal empires, while outsourcing patient health to foreign countries.

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